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Install the ODBC Driver on Linux


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Use this procedure to obtain the Linux ODBC driver and install it.

It is important to note the following about the ODBC login information:
  • Database username: This is the name of a ThoughtSpot user with administrator permissions.
    Attention: This is not the machine login username.
  • Database password: This is the ThoughtSpot user password.
    Attention: This is not the machine login password.
  1. Create a file on your Linux workstation called /etc/simbaclient.ini and add the following text to it:
  2. Obtain the ODBC driver:
    1. Navigate to the Downloads page in the Help Center to download the ODBC driver.
    2. Click ODBC Driver for Linux to download the file ThoughtSpot_linux_odbc_<version>.tar.gz.
    3. Unzip and untar the file:
      gunzip ThoughtSpot_linux_odbc_<version>.tar.gz
      tar -xvf ThoughtSpot_linux_odbc_<version>.tar
  3. Copy the library files from the Lib directory to a safe location on your Linux machine. Add the corresponding path to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.
    For 32-bit users, the library files are located in the directory:
    For 64-bit users, the library is located at:
  4. Open the file /linux/Setup/odbc.ini in the editor of your choice.
  5. Find the section for the type of Linux you are using (32-bit or 64-bit), by looking at the Description. Then find the line below it that begins with ServerList, and replace with a comma separated list of the IP addresses of each node on the ThoughtSpot instance. Leave the port number as 12345.
    They syntax for ServerList is:
    ServerList = <node1_IP> 12345, <node2_IP> 12345 [, <node3_IP> 12345, ...]
    For example, for the 64-bit ODBC driver:
    Description = ThoughtSpot 64-bit ODBC Driver
    Driver = ThoughtSpot
    ServerList = 12345, 12345, 12345
    Locale = en-US
    ErrorMessagesPath = /usr/local/scaligent/toolchain/local/simba/odbc/linux/ErrorMessages
    UseSsl = 0
    #SSLCertFile = # Set the SSL certificate file path. The certificate file can be obtained by extracting the SDK tarball
    #LogLevel = 0 # Set log level to enable debug logging
    #LogPath = # Set the debug log files path
    If you need to obtain the IP addresses of the nodes in the cluster, you can run the command tscli node ls from the Linux shell on the ThoughtSpot instance.
  6. Open the file /linux/Setup/odbcinst.ini in the editor of your choice.
  7. Update the the line that starts with Driver to have the path to the file (Use the path where you copied the library files).
    For example, for the 64-bit ODBC driver:
    APILevel            = 1
    ConnectFunctions    = YYY
    Description         = ThoughtSpot 64bit ODBC driver
    Driver              = /usr/local/scaligent/toolchain/local/simba/odbc/linux/Bin/Linux_x8664/
    DriverODBCVer       = 03.52
    SQLLevel            = 1
  8. Save the file. Now you can test your ODBC connection.
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