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Before using ThoughtSpot Data Connect


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There are a few prerequisites before using ThoughtSpot Data Connect. You need to have ThoughtSpot enable the connection to Informatica, and enter the data connection credentials.


  • Your Informatica account will be provisioned by ThoughtSpot.
  • If you want to use HTTPS with your URL, you will need to provide a signed certificate when enabling ThoughtSpot Data Connect.
  • You will need outbound HTTPS (port 443 for infaagent) internet access to and Of course, you will also need any other internet connectivity and credentials required to access any cloud data sources you want to connect to, such as Salesforce. No inbound access is required. Please refer to the Informatica Cloud Security Architecture Overview whitepaper to learn how each component and service is secured. You can also ask ThoughtSpot Support for a copy of the document.
    Note: If outbound HTTPS internet access to and is not possible, you can instead whitelist the Informatica Cloud IP address ranges,,, and
  • Any user who belongs to a group that has the privilege Has administration privileges or Can Manage Data will be able to use ThoughtSpot Data Connect, if it is enabled on your cluster.

ThoughtSpot Data Connect design

ThoughtSpot Data Connect is designed to configure and connect to any on-premise or cloud data source. It quickly pulls data into ThoughtSpot through an easy to use point-and-click user interface. This diagram shows all of the required connections.

Figure: High-level ThoughtSpot Data Connect design diagram

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