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Get started with ThoughtSpot Data Connect


Explains what the feature is or what its benefits are to the user or customer.


You can import data to ThoughtSpot from on-premise and cloud based sources using ThoughtSpot Data Connect. The initial connection to your data sources is set up by ThoughtSpot. After the connections are set up, you can do all your data imports through the ThoughtSpot application.

ThoughtSpot has partnered with Informatica to bring you ThoughtSpot Data Connect, which is a self-service data integration tool that allows you to easily pull data into ThoughtSpot for analysis. ThoughtSpot Data Connect was developed by ThoughtSpot, but it uses Informatica's REST APIs to connect to multiple end points, define import tasks and execute them. You can use ThoughtSpot Data Connect to perform extract, transform, and load operations. Data source connections may be stored, to make reconnecting seamless.

After choosing a data source, you can choose from the list of available tables to import. Then select only the columns of interest from each table. Primary key and foreign key relationships will also be imported, but only when the primary key table is imported at the same time as the foreign key table. It’s easy to apply transformations and filters to the data, too. So you only import the data you want to explore. You can schedule incremental or full recurring data loads. Everything you need to do to get your data loaded can be done within the ThoughtSpot application.

ThoughtSpot Data Connect is a premium feature, which is available at an additional cost. Please contact your ThoughtSpot representative, if you want to find out how to enable ThoughtSpot Data Connect.

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