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Basic keywords


top sales rep by count sales for average revenue > 10000

sales rep average revenue for each region top




revenue average

revenue by state

customer by revenue for each sales rep


top n top 10 sales rep revenue
bottom n bottom 25 customer by revenue for each sales rep
sort by

revenue by state sort by average revenue 

revenue by customer sort by region

Date keywords

after order date after 10/31/2014
before order date before 03/01/2014
between … and … order date between 01/01/2012 and 01/01/2013
day of week  revenue by day of week last 6 months
week revenue by week last quarter
month revenue by month last year
daily shipments by region daily
weekly revenue weekly
monthly commission > 10000 monthly
quarterly sales quarterly for each product
yearly shipments by product yearly
day of week count shipments Monday
month commission January
month year commission by sales rep February 2014
year revenue by product 2013 product name contains snowboard
yesterday sales yesterday for pro-ski200 by store
week to date sales by order date week to date for pro-ski200
month to date sales by product month to date sales > 2400
quarter to date sales by product quarter to date for top 10 products by sales
year to date sales by product year to date








customers last day by referrer

customers last week by store

customers last month by day

customers last quarter sale > 300

top 10 customers last year by sale by store for region west


      n days

      n weeks

      n months

      n quarters

      n years


visitors last 7 days

visitors last 10 weeks by day

visitors last 6 months for homepage visits > 30 by month

visitors last 2 quarters by month by campaign

visitors last 5 years by revenue for sum revenue > 5000

growth of ... by ...






growth of sales by order date

growth of sales by order date daily 

growth of sales by date shipped monthly sales > 24000

growth of sales by receipt date weekly for pro-ski2000

growth of sales by date shipped quarterly 

growth of sales by date closed yearly

daily year-over-year growth of revenue by order date daily year-over-year
weekly year-over-year growth of revenue by date shipped weekly year-over-year
monthly year-over-year growth of revenue by receipt date monthly year-over-year
quarterly year-over-year growth of revenue by date shipped quarterly year-over-year


      days ago

      weeks ago

      months ago

      quarters ago

      years ago



sales 2 days ago

sales 4 weeks ago by store

sales 2 months ago by region

sales 4 quarters ago by product name contains deluxe

sales 5 years ago by store for region west

today sales today by store








shipments next day by order

shipments next week by store

appointments next month by day

opportunities next quarter amount > 30000

opportunities next year by sales rep

next n







shipments next 7 days

shipments next 10 weeks by day

openings next 6 months location

opportunities next 2 quarters by campaign

opportunities next 5 years by revenue

Time keywords

detailed ship time detailed





count homepage views last minute

count unique visits last hour


      n minutes

      n hours


count visitors last 30 minutes

count visitors last 12 hours

hourly visitors by page name hourly
n minutes ago sum inventory by product 10 minutes ago
n hours ago sum inventory by product by store 2 hours ago

Text keywords

begins with product name begins with 'pro'

product name contains "alpine"

description contains "snow shoe"

ends with product name ends with 'deluxe'
similar to

product name similar to 'snow'

not begins with product name not begins with "tom's"
not contains product color not contains 'tan' product color not contains 'red'
not ends with product name not ends with "trial"
not similar to

product name not similar to 'basic'

Number keywords

sum sum revenue
average average revenue by store
count count visitors by site
max max sales by visitor by site
min min revenue by store by campaign for cost > 5000
standard deviation standard deviation revenue by product by month for date after 10/31/2010
unique count unique count visitor by product page last week
variance variance sale amount by visitor by product for last year

Filter keywords

between…and revenue between 0 and 1000
> sum sale amount by visitor by product for last year sale amount >2000
< unique count visitor by product by store for sale amount < 20
>= count calls by employee lastname >= m
<= count shipments by city latitude <= 0
= unique count visitor by store purchased products = 3 for last 5 days
!= sum sale amount region!= canada region !=mexico

Location keywords

near revenue store name county near san francisco

near ... within n miles|km|meters

revenue store name county near alameda within 50 miles

farther than miles|km|meters from

average hours worked branch farther than 80 km from scarborough
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