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How to search

Change the chart

3.2 New Features Video
Pinboard Filters

Bulk Filters

3.2 New Features Video
Conditional Formatting

Use a Bulk Filter Video
Explore Pinboards

Show Underlying Data
Show Underlying Data

Drill Down on a Search
Drill Down on a Search

Show Underlying Data
Copy and Edit a Search

Drill Down on a Search
What am I looking at?

Show Underlying Data
Change the table

Drill Down on a Search
Data Connect

Show Underlying Data
Moving Windows Formulas

Drill Down on a Search
Cumulative Formulas

Show Underlying Data
Growth of Query

Drill Down on a Search
Save an Answer as a Worksheet



You can use terms such as sort by and contains. They're called 'keywords', and they can help you achieve the perfect search.


About This Release

You are using ThoughtSpot release 3.3. See what's new in this release:


Are you a power user or administrator?

The Administrator Guide includes information on using worksheets, sharing, data loading, and system operations like backup and restore.


Looking for downloads?

You can download ThoughtSpot clients and APIs here, including ODBC and JDBC drivers and the Data API.

Are you a developer?

The Application Integration Guide shows how to use the ThoughtSpot APIs to include data and visualizations in your own portal or Web application.

Download the ThoughtSpot Application Integration Guide

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