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Additional hardware requirements


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You will need to supply the following items, as they will not be included with your ThoughtSpot appliance:

Table 1. Customer supplied Ivy Bridge and Haswell hardware items
Item Name
Data center with proper cooling
2U of rack space per appliance (post depth 26.5" - 36.4")
AC power
Attention: Refer to Table 3: Ivy Bridge and Haswell hardware details for power input requirements.
10GbE infrastructure (switch) - 1x port required / node
100MbE infrastructure (switch) - 1x port required /node
Network cable Cat 5e/6 (node management)*
10G connection: SFP+ for switch side**

*One 5m CAT 5e/6 network cable, per node, is provided with the appliance for management port connection. Customer supplied cable can be used if preferred.

**One SFP+ connector is provided, per node, for the node side data connection. One 5m fiber cable is also provided. The customer must provide switch side SFP+ that is compatible with their switch. Customer supplied DAC cables or fiber cables can be used if preferred.

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