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Upload the edited model file


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After you have made changes to the modeling file, you must upload it back to ThoughtSpot before the changes will take effect.

Save the model file in the same format as it was when you downloaded it. If you are using Microsoft Excel to edit the file, you will see a warning when attempting to save it. Click Yes and save the file.

Figure: Warning message when saving the model file


To upload the model file:

  1. Log in to ThoughtSpot from a browser as an Administrator user.
  2. Click on the Admin icon, on the top navigation bar.

    Figure: The Admin icon


  3. Click on Business Data Model.
  4. Click BROWSE YOUR FILES to upload the model.xls file, or drag and drop it in the zone.

    Figure: Upload the model file


    If you receive an error message upon uploading the file, check that it does not include any multi-byte characters (i.e. Japanese or other multi-byte language characters). If it does, you'll need to download the file again and make your edits using vi or vim.
    Note that you may choose to remove all the rows you have not changed from the model file before uploading it. If you upload a model file that includes only the changed rows, you won't lose any of the pre-existing model file settings. This is a good option if your model file is causing an error on upload, but you aren't sure where in the model file the problem is.

    As soon as the file is uploaded, ThoughtSpot performs any necessary re-indexing for you automatically. Your new settings will be reflected within a few minutes.

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