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Define Legacy Row Level Security


Explains what the feature is or what its benefits are to the user or customer.


Edit the security file to add row level security to tables.

Before you can add row level security:

You can edit the security file using Microsoft Excel or a compatible tool. You will need to copy and paste some of the required information from the model file.

  1. In the model file, find the table for which you want to add row level security. Then find the entry for the column you will use to define visibility criteria. You will copy some of the values from this entry into the security file.
  2. Enter the appropriate values into the security file in the first empty row.
    Table 1. Columns in the security file
    Value Security file heading Details
    Group GroupName Group of users for which to apply this setting.
    Table LogicalTableName TableName from the model file.
    Table identifier LogicalTableGUID TableGUID from the model file.
    Column ColumnName ColumnName from the model file.
    Column identifier ColumnGUID ColumnGUID from the model file.
    Operation Operation Supply one of these operators:
    • EQ (equals)
    • NE (not equals)
    • GE (greater than or equal to)
    • GT (greater than)
    • LE (less than or equal to)
    • LT (less than)
    • BW (between)
    • BW_INC (between with both boundaries included)
    • BW_INC_MIN (between with the lower boundary included)
    • BW_INC_MAX (between with upper boundary included)
    Column value(s) Value Column value(s) to apply the operator to. If multiple values are used, as with the between operators, they are separated by a pipe (|) character.

    If the condition made up of the column, operator, and value combination for a particular row is true, that row will be visible to the members of the designated group.

  3. Repeat this for each group, column, and condition you want to define.
  4. Save the security file in the same format as it was when you downloaded it (as a Microsoft Excel file with the name security.xls). You will see a warning when attempting to save the file. Click "Yes" and save the file.

    Figure: Warning message when saving the security file


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