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Schedule a pinboard job

Scheduled pinboards video



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You can schedule a pinboard job for any pinboard by using the Add a schedule prompt page.

You can add multiple schedules with different configurations for a single pinboard. However, each job is limited to one pinboard schedule. In order to add a schedule, you must have administrator or can schedule pinboard privilege, and at least edit-only and view-only access to the pinboard.

To schedule a pinboard:

  1. Log in to ThoughtSpot from a browser.
  2. Click on Pinboards, on the top navigation bar.

    Figure: Pinboards icon

  3. Select the pinboard you would like to create a schedule for.
  4. Click Actions and select Schedules to view all of the schedules set for the pinboard.

    Figure: View pinboard schedules

  5. Click New schedule to add a new pinboard schedule.

    Figure: Add a new pinboard schedule

  6. On the Add a schedule prompt page, set the times you would like to schedule the pinboard for.

    Figure: Set the pinboard schedule


    Scheduled pinboards can be set to repeat every N minutes or hours. You can also choose, daily, weekly, or monthly at specific times.
  7. Enter the name and description of your schedule. Then select whether you'd like to send the pinboard as CSV or PDF attachments.

    Figure: Set the pinboard type


    CSV files provide all data for tables, with one attachment per table. Use CSV files to perform further analysis offline. PDF files show all visualizations in the pinboard. Each chart takes up a whole page in the file, while only the first 100 rows of a table are included. Use PDF files to skim the data.
  8. Add recipients by entering ThoughtSpot users or groups. Suggestions are shown as you type. Click Add to add the selected users or groups. You can also add recipients that are not ThoughtSpot users by entering their email addresses. To do so, you must first set the whitelist domains in the callosum flag. Run the tscli command:
    tscli --adv service add-javaopt tomcat.tomcat D orion.scheduledReportingConfig.whitelistedDomains <'domains'>
    where <'domains'> is the email domains you would like to add, surrounded by single quotation marks, such as ','.

    Figure: Set the pinboard recipients

    You are limited to 1000 recipients per job.
  9. Click Schedule to save your scheduled pinboard.
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