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Check dependencies in the browser


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You can see all of the dependencies for any data source (worksheet or table) on the Manage Data page.

To view dependent objects for a data source:

  1. Click on Data, on the top navigation bar.

    Figure: Data

  2. Click the name of the data source whose dependencies you want to view.
  3. Click Dependents?.
    You will see a list of the names of the dependent objects (worksheets and pinboards), and the columns they use from that data source. You can use this information to determine the impact of changing the structure of the data source or to see how widely it is used.

    Figure: List of dependent objects

  4. Click on a dependent object to modify or delete it.
    If you want to remove the dependency by modifying the dependent object, you'll need to remove all search terms or columns that refer back to the data source you are trying to delete.
  5. When all dependencies have been removed, you will be able to go back and delete the data source.
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