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Add a custom support contact

You can designate a support contact (email and phone number) at your organization for first level technical support. That person can answer questions about data and searching, and submit any system and software-related questions to ThoughtSpot Support.

After you set the custom support contact information, here's where your users will see it:
  • In the Help Center, when they click Contact Support.

    Figure: Help Center support contact

  • In error messages, when they click What Happened?

    Figure: Error message support contact

To designate the custom support contact:
  1. Log in to the Linux shell using SSH.
  2. Issue the tscli command to set the email address:
    $ tscli support set-admin-email <email_address>
  3. Issue the tscli command to set the phone number:
    $ tscli support set-admin-phone <phone_number>
  4. If you need to reset both of these to the default (ThoughtSpot Support), issue:
    $ tscli support rm-admin-email
    $ tscli support rm-admin-phone
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