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Configure SSL for web traffic


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This procedure shows how to add SSL (secure socket layers) to enable secure HTTP (HTTPS) in ThoughtSpot.

To set up SSL, you will need:
  • The SSL certificate
  • The private key

To install the SSL certificate:

  1. Follow the instructions from your certifying authority to obtain the certificate. This is usually sent via email or available by download.
  2. Copy the certificate and key files to ThoughtSpot:
    $ scp <key> <certificate> admin@<IP_address>:<path>
  3. Log in to the Linux shell using SSH.
  4. Change directories to where you copied the certificate:
    $ cd <path>
  5. Issue the tscli command to install the certificate:
    $ tscli ssl add-cert <key> <certificate>
  6. To test that the certificate was installed correctly, Log in to ThoughtSpot from a browser.

    You should see that the URL begins with https://.

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