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Open Source Software


Explains what the feature is or what its benefits are to the user or customer.


ThoughtSpot uses open source libraries. You may request the machine-readable source code from ThoughtSpot and may use the source code subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable open source license.

Open Source Software Used by ThoughtSpot

Table 1. Open source software
Library Description License
HDFS Distributed FileSystem Apache
HBase Distributed Key Value store Apache
Google Logs Logging library New BSD License
Google Flags Command line flags New BSD License
Google Sparse Hashtable Hash Table implementation New BSD License
Google Test Unit Test framework New BSD License
Google Mock Mocking framework New BSD License
Murmur Hash Function Fast Hash Function implementation MIT License
Guava General Java utilities from Google (especially for multi-threaded applications) Apache License 2.0
Guice Dependency Injection Apache License 2.0
Thrift Thrift service Apache License 2.0
Google Protobuf Protocol buffers New BSD License
Boost C++ Boost extensions Boost License
Tomcat Servlet Container Apache License 2.0
Google Gson A Java library to convert JSON to Java objects and vice-versa Apache License 2.0
Joda Time Java date and time API Apache License 2.0
Jersey RESTful Web services CDDL 1.1
JUnit Unit Testing Common Public License - v 1.0
JavaScript Maven Plugin JavaScript development Apache License 2.0
Java   BCL
Linux Kernel   GPL V2
LESS (CSS pre-procesor) Web application build tool Apache License 2.0
Grunt Front end build tool MIT License
AngularJS JavaScript Framework MIT License
Angular UI JavaScript Library MIT License
jQuery JavaScript Framework MIT License
jQuery UI JavaScript Framework MIT License
jQuery Caret plugiin JavaScript Library MIT License
jQuery Event Drag JavaScript Library MIT License
jQuery Transit JavaScript Library MIT License
Slick Grid JavaScript Library MIT License
CanVG JavaScript Library MIT License
Blob JS JavaScript Library MIT License
ChosenJS JavaScript Library MIT License
FileSaver JavaScript Library MIT License
UI Bootstrap Tpls JavaScript Library MIT License
Bootstrap CSS CSS Library Apache License 2.0
Normalize CSS CSS Library MIT License
Highstock Javascript Charting Library Highsoft OEM License
cityhash Hashing implementation MIT License
Libevent Event notification library New BSD License
Star Schema Benchmark Used to generate test data for falcon Unknown
LLVM (revision 170375) Used for JIT University of Illinois Open Source License
ctemplate (v2.2) Templating system used for generating c++ code for JIT New BSD License
libunwind (v1.1) Stack unwinding library used by gperftools on x86_64 systems MIT License
gperftools (revision 190) Performance measurement tools open-sourced by Google New BSD License
Zookeeper (3.4.5) Distributed coordination Apache License 2.0
Mongoose HTTP Server MIT License
Md5 Compute Md5 hash Permissive License
Pysftp Python ssh, sftp implementation BSD License
Paramiko Python ssh, sftp implementation LGPL
Postgres RDBMS BSD / MIT style license
Google core dumper Core dump library New BSD License
re2 C++ regex library New BSD License
jooq runtime/codegen/meta SQL generation for Java Apache License 2.0
CSVParser CSV Parser for Java Apache License 2.0
Apache commons   Apache License 2.0
JOOQ SQL-gen utility Apache ASL 2.0
Snappy Compression lib New BSD License
Simba SDK ODBC driver Simba license
Logback Logging framework Eclipse Public License
Akiban SQL Parser Eclipse Public License
Apache Shiro Security Framework Apache License 2.0
Memcached Object Caching Framework BSD
Swagger Web Services documentation and invocation UI Apache License 2.0
libnuma NUMA aware memory allocation GPL v2
Intel PCM Performance Monitoring library BSD License
Leveldb A persistent key-value store New BSD Licesne
Python-Psycopg PostgreSQL adapter for the Python programming language LGPL v3
lmctfy Linux container management library Apache License 2.0
libtecla Command line completion library Free software license
Spark (1.1.0) Fast in-memory data processing engine Apache License 2.0
LogStash Log forwarding Apache License 2.0
Elastic Search Indexing the logs Apache License 2.0
Kibana Elastic Search Frontend, Graphing/Dashboarding Apache License 2.0
Graphite Monitoring Apache License 2.0
protobuf-java-format Protobuf-JSON utility BSD
Diamond Monitoring - stats collection MIT License
python-egnyte Egnyte file server access MIT License
pyOpenSSL Secure SSL access to fileserver Apache License 2.0
cryptography (python module) Used by Egnyte package Apache License 2.0
ipaddress (python module) Used by Egnyte package python software foundation license
idna (python module) Used by Egnyte package BSD
enum34 (python module) Used by Egnyte package BSD
wordnet Used for synonyms Wordnet 3.0
JsNumberFormatter Formatter to understand java decimal format MIT License
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