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Enabling Windows ODBC Logs


Explains what the feature is or what its benefits are to the user or customer.



You should begin by using the ThoughtSpot Loader for initial data loads and then use ODBC for incremental loads. If problems persist, ODBC logs can be enabled and sent to ThoughtSpot for support.

To enable ODBC logs:

  1. Open the ODBC Data Source Administrator and select "System DNS".
  2. Select your ThoughtSpot data source and click "Configure".
  3. Click "Options" within the Client Configuration Dialog, and then add two custom properties: "LogLevel" and "LogPath".
  4. Edit the value for each of the two custom properties: LogLevel's value can be a number from 1 to 6 (with 6 being the highest amount of information logged), and LogPath's value is the path to which the log is saved once created.
  5. To send this log to ThoughtSpot contact support.
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