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Install the ODBC Driver on Windows


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Use this procedure to obtain the Microsoft Windows ODBC driver and install it.

The ODBC driver for Windows requires:
  • Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 or later

You will be prompted to install it during installation of the driver if it isn't already installed.

The installation packages for clients can be downloaded from the Help Center
  1. You can download the clients by going to the Help Center Help Icon from the ThoughtSpot Web interface.
    If this Help Center is unreachable, the clients can also be accessed directly through the ThoughtSpot Analytic Search Appliance
    scp admin@<appliance_IP>:/usr/local/scaligent/toolchain/local/simba/odbc/windows .
    Where <odbc_installer> is:
    • ThoughtSpotODBC (x86).msi for Windows 32-bit
    • ThoughtSpotODBC (x64).msi for Windows 64-bit
  2. Double click the .msi file to start the installation and follow the instructions provided in the installer.
  3. For the ThoughtSpot server details, provide a comma separated list of the IP addresses of each node on the ThoughtSpot Analytic Search Appliance.
    If you need to obtain the IP addresses of the nodes in the cluster, you can run the command tscli node ls from the Linux shell on the ThoughtSpot Analytic Search Appliance.
  4. Optionally specify the database. If you skip this, you'll need to provide the database each time you connect using ODBC.
  5. If you are running into problems you can also set up an optional ODBC log. To do so, go to your Windows ODBC Administrator (32/84 bit), click "options" in the ThoughtSpot Client Configuration and add two custom properties "LogLevel" and "LogPath". The LogLevel value can be between 1-6 (6 being the maximum amount of information logged). The LogPath value is the directory the log will be saved to. These logs can be sent to ThoughtSpot for support.
  6. Once installation is complete, you can use the ODBC Data Source Administrator to configure the server’s IP address or change the specified database. To change the specified database, go to “options” in the ThoughtSpot Client Configuration and edit the Custom Property “DATABASE”.
    ODBC Configuration

    ODBC Configuration

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