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Restore From a Snapshot


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You can restore from a snapshot whenever you want to revert a running cluster to its prior state. You might want to do this to roll back an update, remove a bad data load, or revert to a prior database state.

Restoring from a snapshot happens invisibly in the background, while ThoughtSpot is running. Restoring takes more time than creating a snapshot,because the restore operation checks that the cluster is in a healthy state.

To restore from a snapshot:

  1. Log In to the Linux Shell Using SSH.
  2. Take a new snapshot, unless your cluster is in an unhealthy state. This saves the state of your cluster in case something goes wrong and you have to revert it to the pre-restored state.
  3. Find the name of the snapshot you want to restore by issuing:
    $ tscli snapshot ls
  4. Issue the restore command, providing the snapshot name:
    $ tscli snapshot restore <name>
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