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Update to a New Version


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ThoughtSpot Support performs updates to new releases of ThoughtSpot software. This section is included for reference only, to help you understand the update procedure.

You have the option of creating a snapshot and a backup during the update procedure. If you choose to do a backup, ensure that you will have enough disk space to store the backup before you begin.

ThoughtSpot automatically takes a snapshot before applying an update. If the update is unsuccessful, you can revert to the pre-update snapshot.

To update the ThoughtSpot software:

  1. Obtain the new binary.
  2. Run a md5sum on the file, to verify it.
  3. Move the binary to the ThoughtSpot Analytic Search Appliance, using scp, or a similar utility.
  4. Log In to the Linux Shell Using SSH.
  5. Without unzipping the binary, run the update, supplying the filename.
    $ tscli cluster update <update_filename>
  6. To verify that the new version is running on all nodes, use a Web browser to access the URL: http://<hostname_or_IP>:2201. Find the version number at the bottom left of the page.
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