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Obtain the Security File


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Before you can make changes to the security file, you need to download it using the ThoughtSpot Web interface to access ThoughtSpot. Then you will be able to edit it using Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet editing tool.

To obtain the security file:

  1. Log In to ThoughtSpot From a Browser as the admin user.
  2. Click on the Administration icon, on the left navigation bar.


    The Administration icon

  3. Click on Data Security.
  4. Click Download security.xls.


    Download the security file

  5. Save it to your machine.
  6. Open the security file in Excel or a text editor.
    • If you are using Excel, you may see a warning message. Click "Yes" to proceed.


      Warning when opening the security file

    • If your security file includes multi-byte characters, edit the file using vi or vim. This is because security files containing multi-byte characters must be saved as UTF-8 encoded. Otherwise you won't be able to upload them after making your edits.
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