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Add a User


Explains what the feature is or what its benefits are to the user or customer.


You will create a user account for each unique person who will access ThoughtSpot, either manually or through LDAP. This procedure shows how to creating a user manually.

When you create a user, you can assign group memberships. The group's privileges and permissions apply to all of its members. Any user you create will be added to the group All automatically.

  1. Log In to ThoughtSpot From a Browser.
  2. Click on the Administration icon, on the left navigation bar.

    The Administration icon

  3. In the Admin panel, click on User Management and Users.

    Manage Users

  4. Click the + Add User button on the upper right hand side of the list of groups.

    Add a new User

  5. Enter the details for the new user:

    Create a user manually

    1. Name: A unique name for the user (usually their first and last name).
    2. Username: A login name for the user.
      If you are using Active Directory to authenticate users, and your LDAP configuration requires users to be created manually (i.e. they are not created automatically in ThoughtSpot upon authentication), the username you specify has to be domain qualified (e.g., and you must enter a dummy password.
    3. Password and Confirm Password: A temporary password.
    4. E-mail Address: The user's email address. This is used for notification when another user shares something with them.
    5. Add to group: Select all the groups the user will belong to.
      If you add the user to a group that has the privilege Has administration privileges, note that they will be able to see all the data in ThoughtSpot. Administrators can see all data sources, and Row level security does not apply to them.
  6. Click Save to create the user.

    When you create a new user, the groups they belong to define the user's:

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