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Create a Pinboard Filter


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You can create a filter in the pinboard view for s pinboard on which you have edit access and can view the underlying worksheets. This allows you to easily manipulate the visualizations and view the modified presentation in one place.

Here is an example that shows you how to add a single filter to a pinboard. To create a pinboard filter:

  1. Click the Actions button, and click Add filters.

    Add filters under Actions

  2. In the populated columns menu, click the Add filter icon next to the columns you would like to use as filters.

    Add filters menu

  3. Choose the values you are interested in by typing them in, selecting the appropriate checkboxes, or using Add values in bulk. Then click Done.

    Select Filter Values

  4. Your applied filter will sit at the top of the pinboard, where you can either edit or delete it.

    Applied Pinboard Filter

    When you apply a filter, the pinboard is automatically saved with your filter applied to every object in the pinboard that was created from a worksheet. Pinboard filters do not apply to tables and charts built directly on top of base tables.
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