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About Pinboard Filters


Explains what the feature is or what its benefits are to the user or customer.


Filters, including bulk filters, can be applied to pinboards just as with tables. These kinds of filters apply to an entire pinboard, making it easy to see only the data that you are interested in across the tables and charts within a pinboard.

Pinboard filters can be very useful when you want to apply the same filters to more than one related visualization. You can narrow the focus of your pinboard for specific purposes or audiences.

When you apply a filter, the pinboard is automatically saved with your filter applied. For this reason, you must have edit access to the pinboard, and view access (or higher) to the underlying data source in order to apply a pinboard filter.

Note that pinboard filters only apply to the tables and charts that are based on worksheets. If a pinboard also includes tables and charts that were created from underlying tables or on user imported data, the filters don’t apply to them.

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