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Create a Bulk Filter


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You can create a bulk filter by pasting a list of values, separated by commas, semicolons, new lines, or tabs, into the bulk filter box. This allows you to easily search a large list of filters repeatedly.

In this example, we will cut and paste values to create a bulk filter. You could also do this by pasting in a list of text values from an email or cells from an Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet.

  1. When viewing a table, select multiple cells by clicking and dragging.
  2. Right click and choose Copy to Clipboard.

    Copy to the Clipboard

  3. Click the Filters icon in the column header, and click Add values in bulk:

    Add values in bulk

  4. Paste the values into the bulk filter box.

    Paste values into the bulk filter box

  5. Click Done.
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