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Set the Search Suggestions Priority for a Column


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You can change the priority that determines which columns are shown in search suggestions and the order in which they appear.

The value of Priority determines the priority order (rank) in which a particular column (and its values) appears in the search dropdown. You can push a column up in the order (increase the rank) by increasing its Priority value. A higher value (like 2) will cause the corresponding column and its values to appear higher up in the search dropdown than columns with lower value (like 1). By default, the Priority value is set to “1” for all columns.

You should only use numbers between 1-100 in this field. It is recommended to assign values in increments of 5 or 10, to allow room to assign values to other columns that may be inserted later on.

  1. Change the value to a number between 1 and 100. Use a higher value if you want to boost the search priority, and a lower value if you want to lower it.
  2. Save your changes.