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Add a Geographical Data Setting for a Column


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Certain attribute columns that contain location data can be used to create GeoMaps. ThoughtSpot supports Latitude, Longitude, Zip Code, US States, and Countries.

You can designate a column as "Geo" by editing the GeoType column in the modeling file or the Columns setting screen.
  1. Find the GeoType for the column that contains the geographical data.
  2. Change the value to the appropriate GeoType, depending on the kind of data the column contains.
    Table 1. Data that uses geo charts
    GeoType Description Type: Example
    COUNTRY_REGION Countries
    • name: United States
    • long name: United States
    • name_sort: United States of America
    • abbreviation: U.S.A.
    • adm0_a3: USA
    • adm0_a3_is: USA
    • adm0_a3_us: USA
    • admin: United States of America
    • brk_a3: USA
    • brk_name: United States
    • formal_en: United States of America
    • iso_a2: US
    • iso_a3: USA
    • iso_n3: 840
    STATE_PROVINCE States in the United States
    • name: California
    • US Postal Service abbreviation: CA
    LATITUDE Must be used with LONGITUDE
    • 37.421023
    • 1.282911
    LONGITUDE Must be used with LATITUDE
    • −122.142103
    • 103.848865
    ZIP_CODE Zip codes and zip codes +4 in the United States
    • po_name: MT MEADOWS AREA
    • ZIP: "00012"
    • zip2: 12
  3. If your data includes latitude and/or longitude columns that are stored as a numeric data type (DOUBLE), make these changes for those columns:
    1. Change the Type or ColumnType to ATTRIBUTE.
    2. Change Additive to NO/FALSE.
  4. Save your changes.