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About TQL, the SQL Command Line Interface


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The ThoughtSpot Analytic Search Appliance provides the ThoughtSpot SQL Command Line (TQL) for creating, viewing, and managing a schema using SQL. You can run TQL in interactive command line mode, or you can write a script and use TQL to run it.

TQL Basics

The SQL syntax in ThoughtSpot is called TQL for ThoughtSpot SQL. The ThoughtSpot SQL Command Line (TQL) runs in an interactive mode. To invoke TQL Log In to the Linux Shell Using SSH and type tql. At the prompt, type h or help to see a list of supported commands.

Type your SQL commands on the command line, terminating each command with a semicolon (;). Commands can span multiple lines. ThoughtSpot supports a limited number of SQL commands, plus some custom SQL extensions. For example, you can specify the number of shards and the distribution key as part of the CREATE TABLE syntax. A full list of supported SQL in TQL is available in the TQL Reference.

You can also Write a SQL Script to Create the Schema in TQL.