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Upload Application Logos


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You can replace the ThoughtSpot logo, wherever it appears in the ThoughtSpot web application, with your own company logo.

To upload your own default and wide application logos:

  1. Click on the default icon under Application Logo (Default) to browse for and select your own default logo.

    Application Logo (Default)

    Your icon image should be a square, and the recommended size is 140px by 140px. This logo will appear on the top left of the interface.
  2. Next click on the wide icon under Application Logo (Wide) to browse for and select your own wide logo.

    Application Logo (Wide)

    The recommended size is 440px by 100px. This logo will appear on the login screen. You may need to test a few versions to make sure it appears correctly.
  3. Click the Reset button on the upper right hand side of the sections if you would like to bring back the default logos.
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