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About formulas in searches


Explains what the feature is or what its benefits are to the user or customer.


To provide richer insights, you can add a formula to your search. The Formula Builder includes many types of operators, such as logical (if, then, else), math, date, and text string functions.

You can create a formula from directly within a search. If you have the privilege that allows you to create or edit worksheets, you can also create a formula within a worksheet. Formulas in worksheets act as derived columns, so that anyone who uses the worksheet as a data source will see the formula as just another column.

Adding a formula within a search works much the same way as adding a formula to a worksheet. However, you will be able to edit the formula directly from within the answer. If you add the answer to a pinboard and share it with the Edit privilege, other people can see the formula results, too. In order to make edits to the formula, they also need to have the Edit privilege on the underlying data.

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