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About filters


Explains what the feature is or what its benefits are to the user or customer.


Filters narrow down the search result to only include the data you want to see.

When you add a value to your search, it becomes a filter. Simple filters can be applied to an answer, while pinboard filters can be applied to all visualizations of a pinboard. You can find out more about pinboard filters in the pinboards section.

In search, filters appear in white boxes in the search bar.

Figure: Search bar with filters

In an answer or a pinboard, filters appear just below the title. For pinboards, your filters apply to all worksheet-based visualizations in the pinboard.

Figure: Pinboard filters

If you ever find that your search or pinboard does not appear to contain all the data you want to see, check for any existing filters and remove them by clicking the X to see all the data.

Note that filtering on NULL and empty values is a special case. You can find out more about how these values are represented and how to filter for them in About filtering on null, blank, or empty values.

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