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Add a formula to a search


Explains what the feature is or what its benefits are to the user or customer.


You can add a formula directly within a search. Some common reasons for using a formula in a search are to perform mathematical functions, check for and replace null values, or add if...then...else logic.

To create a formula in a search:
  1. Start a new search, or choose an existing answer from a pinboard to edit.
  2. If the answer shows a chart, switch to Data View.

    Figure: Switch to Data View

  3. In the upper right hand side of the table, click Actions and select Add formula.

    Figure: Create a new formula in an answer

  4. Type your formula in the Formula Builder.

    Figure: Use the Formula Builder

    Note: Formulas elements are color coded by type and can include the formula operators and functions? (blue), the names of columns (purple)?, and/or constants? (black).
  5. You can see a list of formula operators with examples by clicking on Formula Assistant.

    Figure: Examples in the Formula Assistant

  6. If you want to change what your formula returns, use the Advanced settings.
    Depending on your formula, you may be able to change:
    • Data type
    • Aggregation type

    Figure: Advanced settings in the Formula Builder

  7. Name the formula by clicking on its title and typing the new name. Click Save.
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