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Advanced searches


Explains what the feature is or what its benefits are to the user or customer.


Most searches in ThoughtSpot are easy to do without training. But there are some advanced search features that are very powerful. This section explains how to use the more advanced features.

Some of the more advanced features are:
  • Keyword searches allow you augment your search with predefined keywords. These keywords range from date, time, number, and filter words.
  • Worksheets created from searches allow you to save a search as a worksheet, optionally link it to other data sources, and do another search on top of it. This workflow allows you to produce some complex reports, like those that would require nested SQL queries in some other tools.
  • Formulas in searches brings the power of formulas to regular searches, instead of requiring that you first create a worksheet. This allows any user to do mathematical operations, use if...then...else logic, check for empty (null) values, bucket their data, etc.
  • Aggregation formulas are widely used in business intelligence since they provide better insight into data. They provide the ability to aggregate a numeric value (measure) at specific attribute levels or subsets of the full dataset.
  • Conversion formulas allow you to convert data types when you want to use them in another formula that only accepts specific data types.
  • Pivot tables derived their name from their ability to rotate, or pivot, their own graphical structure. You can drag and drop fields to change the display to get different summaries or create cross tabulations.
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